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Where I work


I am currently located at the University of California, Santa Barbara. UCSB is a premier research institution, holding research groups like the Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology and the Marine Science Institute.

Punta Galeta Marine Laboratory

Punta Galeta is a research and education center hosted by the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. In the mangrove habitats near Galeta, there are dense populations of mantis shrimp, making this an excellent field site for understanding mantis shrimp behavior, ecology and evolution. The research and education team at Punta Galeta, by working with the Smithsonian, is excellent at facilitating short and long-term stays for independent work.

Banded Mongoose Research Project

The Banded Mongoose Research Project is located on the Mweya Peninsula in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda. Most data for the project is collected by a team of Ugandan field researchers with over 25 years combined experience. These researchers are: Francis Mwanguhya, Solomon Kyabulima, Robert Businge, Kenneth Mwesige, and Solomon Ahabyona. Learn more about the Project at the Socialis Research Website.